TRIGEN will allow the implementation of more compact, cost-efficient trigeneration systems

Trigeneration systems combine the production of electricity, heat and cooling in one process, however, the challenge for the trigeneration systems is to accomplish the three “trilemma” targets: cost reduction, reduction of emissions, and security of supply.
In order to address these challenges, TRIGEN, project sponsored by Innovate UK, will focus upon the development of a set of sub-systems, which will allow the implementation of more compact and cost-efficient systems for emission-free heat, cool and electricity production. The advantage of TRIGEN is its low capital cost, it can be mass produced and there is no cost and emissions associated with its energy input.
Exergy and Cranfield University are working together for TRIGEN. The project started in October, and so far, some progress has been further developed.
At the last consortium meeting, on January 24th, Cranfield University guided the consortium around their laboratories and test sites to show the installations, machinery and equipment, which  is being used to develop prototypes, tests and other related processes. The visit was intended to focus on the lab-scale test for the TRIGEN technology prototype.
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Laboratories at Cranfield University facilities