Construction Fair 2017 – “The era for digitalisation and sustainability”

Construction Fair 2017 Medellin Digital Era

SENA Construction Fair, held on October 4th-6th, in Medellin Colombia. Colleagues, Gozde Unkaya and Felipe Maya participated as main speakers and covered topics such as the visions of sustainability and digitalisation in Smart Cities and the recent developments in the field of BIM for a range of sectors.
The event was attended by a number of Colombian university students as well as professionals and organisations from several sectors of construction. The event enabled us to look at our capabilities and assess the range of ways in which we can contribute to the development of green, sustainable projects through the implementation of new technologies such as BIM and additive manufacturing. This event enabled Exergy to create new synergies with several Colombian companies that wish to work hand in hand with us to achieve their objectives in several projects.
SENA Construction Fair enabled companies in the construction sector to understand what is currently happening in projects on green and sustainable cities. It also encouraged the academy sector to learn about BIM tools and related processes and how they can be implemented in Colombia, allowing a new learning method for future professionals, as there is currently high interest in applying BIM to construction projects developed in a city.
Click here to view SENA’s web article on the event.
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