We are rethinking and demonstrating circular models for bulky products


ECOBULK is an ambitious project which aims to implement a new circular economy model for composite products in automotive, furniture and building component industrial sectors with high potential of cross-sectorial replicability and transferability by directly addressing and demonstrating key stages along the entire circular chain, from design to waste stream management.
Ecobulk concept

The methodology will embrace and focus on large-scale demonstration activities in 7 countries and more than 15 demonstrators to address the key components of the circular economy solutions; rethinking product design to shift towards a Design Circular Framework, validation of material and product manufacturing technologies to ensure technical and economic feasibility, new reverse logistics for the recovery of products and parts from consumers or users and into the supply chain, as well as the implementation of Innovative business models.
“ECOBULK is a big bet for the circular economy as it brings together 29 companies from 11 countries in Europe to rethink and demonstrate circular models for bulky products bringing opportunities for both the environment and the economy and offering business opportunities for the various participants in the value chain”, says Felipe Maya, Manager of the Green Building and Cities Department at Exergy and Coordinator of the ECOBULK Project.
Exergy coordinates the project and develops the End-user and Stakeholder Platform which will create a link between the end user and the relevant stakeholders along all the product stages while favouring the upgrade, refurbishment, re-use and recycling of products, parts, and materials.
In June 2017, the ECOBULK project was launched in the Netherlands with high expectations and engagement from the partners in the consortium. The €12.5 million Circular Economy project is currently under implementation process but initial results are expected soon.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730456
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