Exergy Completes a Retrofit Project for a US Commercial Real Estate Client


Exergy is happy to announce the completion of its first project in the US.

In the past 3 months, Exergy has successfully delivered the preliminary design and energy retrofit strategies of three high-rise office buildings in Duluth, Minnesota.

“The project assessed feasibility of different energy measures with the aim to achieve up to 32% of energy savings and 40% reduction of operation and maintenance costs.” commented Fernando Centeno, CEO of Exergy.

Exergy was also heavily involved in assessing the efficiency of a set of innovative solutions and guided the design decisions of the project team.

The successful results were presented by Fernando Centeno, CEO and Gozde Unkaya, Architectural & Civil Engineer at Exergy.

Along with delivering the successful results the team also had the chance to visit the newly opened Exergy office in Minneapolis, US.

During the visit the team met with stakeholders and shared more information on two of the on-going projects – Thermoss and Pentagon.

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