Exergy contributes to the construction industry and the circular economy through Green Instruct


Within This European project, prefabrication for refurbishment is approached from a modular perspective through the development and deployment of a universal building block with the ability to customise to suit the users need.

The construction industry produces 31% of total waste generation with materials ranging from concrete, wood, asphalt, gypsum, metals, bricks, glass, plastics etc. The project aims to produce a multi-layered integrated building block, which contains 70% of Construction and Demolition Waste. The building block will be 30% lighter than conventional envelope walls and is expected to be at least 15% faster in terms of installation.

Exergy will be leading the module and building design of the modular building block. This includes the architectural and structural drawings of the building block, outlining the planning requirements and a construction project development plan. Exergy will implement Building Information Modelling within the project with the architectural design, to enable collaboration with partners more efficiently.

‘’Green Instruct addresses issues which are quite prominent within the construction industry. Construction Demolition and Waste is a big issue not only for the construction industry, but for general waste production in the world. Being able to work on a project where we can utilise CDW effectively, with the aim of producing a multi-layered universal building block will bring great benefits not only to the construction industry, but hopefully contribute to the sustainable issues around the world.’’  – Says Kassim Caratella – Project Manager

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