Exergy impacting the heating and cooling industry through H2020 THERMOSS project


On the 7th and 8th September 2016, the THERMOSS project held its Kick-Off Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The THERMOSS project aims to produce an outstanding contribution to the wider deployment of advanced building heating and cooling technologies in the EU, addressing the challenge of 30% energy consumption reduction in buildings and 20% in districts. THERMOSS was funded by the European Commission under its HORIZON2020 programme for Energy-Efficient Buildings. 12 partners from EU and Switzerland will collaborate and will be led by Exergy Ltd for the 42 months of the project duration.
This European project proposes to concentrate on 4 sets of technology package retrofit solutions. These can be applied for standalone residential and district connected buildings (heating and cooling) covering the European different climates. The project proposes an industry-focused, innovation-intensive approach to ease the introduction of cutting-edge heating and cooling technologies for building energy retrofitting at European level, targeting residential buildings and buildings connected to District Heating and Cooling (DHC) networks. Moreover, THERMOSS seeks to  increase the efficiency of non-connected residential building through a possible connection to the district heating grid.

Exergy will act as project coordinator and will be in charge of several deployment sites in the UK, Spain and Sweden. Exergy will be responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the project, collaborating with companies including Bosch, Veolia, Schneider electric and University of Southampton. Exergy will deliver a sizing toolbox methodology and software suitable for architecture and construction industry. Exergy aims to achieve a significant growth in the targeted market in UK, US and Colombia.

”The project will bring a huge variety of opportunities to the consortium partners. The consortium is very well balanced, including prestigious researchers and famous industry brand names. These factors ensure that THERMOSS will reach high-value results with both their product development and technology deployment. Exergy takes on a coordination role, as a SME specialized in renewable energies and sustainable solution consultancy and engineering, and therefore has expertise in both the research and the market sector. This will be essential for the further implementation of the innovative technologies, such as  the two-way substation, and especially, the implementation of the “District Heating and Cooling- aware building retrofitting toolbox”, which is a sizing toolbox for optimizing technology choice by taking into account the building typology, climate, district and building thermal needs. Meaning that it will also be considered one of the major products of the THERMOSS project, which plans to have a great applicability across Europe.” – Says Federica Fuligni – Architectural Engineer at ExergyLtd

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