EXERGY-INNOBITE Regular Meeting in Paris


On the 12th of March INNOBITE celebrated its first Six Month Regular Meeting held in Paris. Organized by Vertech Group, it was a face-to-face meeting in which the Consortium Members were gathered to review and discuss all the results of the tasks carried out during the last six months and also…
to plan future actions. A first meeting for  the  INNOBITE E&DC (Exploitation & Dissemination Chair)  was held in order to discuss exploitation and dissemination aspects that each organization must consider towards a successful development of these activities.
The morning of the 12th provided an opportunity for the partners ECOPulp, CIMV, Tecnalia, VTT, ACF y Tecnaro to present their results from the Work Package tasks 1 –  4 . In the evening, all partners enjoyed a dinner together onboard the cruise boat “Capitaine Fracasse” on the Seine.
The last day, Vertech Group did a technical presentation on  Work Package 7 and EXERGY led the first INNOBITE Exploitation & Dissemination Chair to expose the dissemination activities in the first six month of the project and showed what the action plan will be  for the  next six months.
The meeting ended with a summary and final remarks about technical tasks and the date and venue was set for the next meeting.

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