Research collaboration- How to turn CO2 into useful industry products?


On the morning of Thursday 20th April, the engineer Rocio Roldan from Exergy Ltd and Dr. Zhaorong Huang, from Cranfield University along with Andrew Coleman and Jasbir Singh, from HEL Group developed a meeting with the aim to create a collaboration in catalyst and chemical engineering areas.
Various approaches for the capture and transformation of CO2 from industrial sources in different industries (brewery, power generation, steel, etc.) were discussed as well as the technical and economic feasibility to turn this gaseous effluent into attractive products for the industry from a realistic point of view through novel catalytic systems.
After the discussion, a tour around the facilities of HEL group in Borehamwood was carried out and the attendees could see and understand the evolvement of the company as well as their work on the area of chemical reactors and calorimeters.
“Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as well as the transformation of this CO2 into useful building blocks for the industry is an area of special interest in the chemical engineering field and will be further developed during the following decades. Our society is moving towards a circular economy and a carbon-based circular economy will be part of the game, where the CO2 from different industrial sources will be used to produce new molecules from chemical or biological routes. Continuous research in different fields (science, biology, engineering, catalysis, etc.) is essential nowadays to ensure the targets at mid-long term”. Says Rocio Roldan, chemical engineer at Exergy Ltd.

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