Exergy will manage a Solar PV-Rooftop Project for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)

An International agreement has been signed between Exergy LTD, UK and AAA Energy Management & Consult Limited, Nigeria to develop, design and install a Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic system for one of the new office building complexes for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Kaduna, Nigeria.
Exergy will install the PV system on the roof of the building under construction and provide training to local engineers and installers. The installation work will commence in early 2015 and last for up to two to three weeks.
The project will both promote and make green power available reducing the impact of diesel generators (the current alternative solution to power shortage in Nigeria). It will also endeavour to reduce CO2 emissions by cutting down on diesel consumption.
The total roof area of the new NEMA building complex is 800m2. The total capacity of the PV power plant is 25kW. Part of the rooftop is covered by PV 170m2 modules. The system is designed to be a hybrid off-grid system with battery stored energy. The 25kWp PV system is expected to generate sufficient electricity to power the building’s lighting and fire alarm loads, and cover daily power shortages. Estimated CO2 savings being 12,086kg per annum, and an estimated return of investment within 10 years.

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