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Medellín, Colombia

AIANA VERDE, beautiful green flower, is Exergy’s new development project taking place in one of the most vibrant cities in Colombia, Medellín, which is now recognised as the Innovation Capital of Latin America. The 16-story building includes 42 offices, 7 retail units and 38 residential flats. The building is located in an exceptional downtown area, which has been recently renovated through several different urban regeneration projects.

It outstands because it will be the first middle-class sustainable building in Medellin’s downtown, with much lower prices than the upscale el Poblado Neighbourhood, but with countless benefits.  Vertical gardens, solar panels, reuse of rain water, saving devices, and sustainable mobility are among the many features that this project will offer to its inhabitants when is concluded in 2021.

AIANA VERDE is an exemplary high-performance building designed with the purpose of creating significant positive societal and environmental impacts on the local community

The project is coordinated by Exergy Ltd, a team with broad experience in projects related to low carbon emissions, buildings retrofitting, green buildings and sustainability. Alongside the UK Exergy team, our committed and multidisciplinary team of professionals in Colombia, will make this project a reality. It will be the beginning of many more similar projects.

High-Performance Building AIANA Verde, BIM Design, sustainable construction project in Medellín, Colombia
High-performance Building. BIM design.

will be showcasing a variety of high-performing sustainable design features:

Exceptional Location
Medellín's downtown
AIANA VERDE will be located in Medellín’s
downtown, a lively location, very close to several public bus routes and just 50m from the Bicentenary Ayacucho´s Tram Station.
Green Areas
The Integration of vegetation in architecture will reduce the urban heat island affect and provide better and more pleasant living conditions:
35m tall living wall,
250m2 of vegetation on the roof top
90.5m2 of vegetation in the terrace area.
Water Management
An estimated 350 m3/year net of rainwater will be collected and used for the fire prevention and irrigation for green areas systems, cleaning in common areas and the discharge of toilets for apartments and offices.
water saving devices
High performance water and shower taps that can reduce water consumption by 40%.

Waste Management
There will be a recycling point where the waste
will be classified, such as: usable as cardboard, plastic, glass, etc. and organic that are for a composting system. Being 29% and 69%
Solar mechanics
Due to the exposure of the project’s south western facade to the solar trajectory of the afternoon hours, the main circulation systems to this façade are arranged, in order to generate thermal insulation
on the surface with greater solar radiation.
The orientation of the internal façade, on the commercial patio, with its disposition towards the north, facilitates the renovations of air through cross ventilation. It takes advantage of the predominant direction of the north wind in 23% of the time and
of the south wind in 14%.

The location of a second clear area in the
south facade of the offices, facilitates such
renovations in either direction of the wind.
Eco Materials
Environmentally friendly finish materials that does not cause any harm to occupants’ health
Solar Energy
Solar PV panels to produce 100% renewable electricity on-site, saving 20% of electrical energy in the common areas of the building, and 50% in the apartments.

Clean Mobility
There will be 5 electric bicycles for the shared use of residents and 34 bicycle parking spaces for
residents and charging stations for motorcycles,
bicycles and other electric vehicles, in order to encourage sustainable mobility.

will be showcasing a variety of high-performing sustainable design features:

Want to invest?

AIANA VERDE is a secure investment. The project is estimated to reach a 15% profit.

We are offering 30 Investment Packages, each one totalling €100.000 Euros at an attractive Annual Return Rate of 8%, and the total devolution of the equity after 24 months.

The investment will be used mainly during the construction of the project which lasts 18 months.

AIANA VERDE, High-Performance Building. BIM Design Rooftop view.

AIANA VERDE will reach maximum performance and savings


Exergy is also implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) to the highest UK standards on this flagship project in Colombia. BIM is a process for creating and managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle. Creating a digital Building Information Model enables those who interact with the building to optimise their actions, resulting in a greater whole life value for the asset.

BIM is being used in numerous ways to stimulate efficiency for the entire project management team members, namely with:

AIANA VERDE, BIM, Render from Rooftop and top facade, Tall Living wall, vegetation in the facade

AIANA VERDE Render from rooftop

Aiana Verde will count on a ‘digital twin’ of the built asset to harness the efficiency during the building operational lifecycle. BIM will improve upon the design and construction stages but more importantly upon future building operations of Aiana Verde for years to come after project completion.

Exergy & BIM

Being at the forefront of the BIM industry, Exergy is leading research into the construction and post construction aspects of BIM, improving the efficiency of building maintenance and operational activities. For AIANA VERDE, we will be leading the following tasks:

Exergy foresees that AIANA VERDE will stand as a flagship BIM project for Colombia and indeed South America by virtue of applying UK BIM Level 2 requirements to improve overall project efficiency, cost and most importantly sustainable building design.

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