Solar PV-Rooftop Project

National Emergency and Management Agency Building
Kaduna, Nigeria
Solar PV-Rooftop Project, Nigeria

In 2015, AAA Energy Management & Consult Limited, Nigeria appointed Exergy to develop, design and install a Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic system (PV) for one of the new office building complexes for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Kaduna, Nigeria.

The design was  considered to provide power supply to the building for 24 hours of shortage from the grid.


Exergy installed the PV system on the roof of the building under construction and provide training to local engineers and installers.


The project sought to promote  and made greener power supply reducing the impact of diesel generators (the  alternative solution to power shortage in Nigeria). The solution provided the expected results.


The total area of the NEMA building complex is 800 square meters including  the Solar PV area ( 170 square meters). The total capacity of the PV power plant is  25kW with part of the rooftop covered by PV modules, the system was designed to be hybrid Off-grid system with energy storage through battery.

The 25kWp PV system now generates electricity sufficient to power the building lighting and fire alarm loads to cover up the daily power shortage period with a significant reduction of carbon dioxide.


The proposed solution give response to the client demand by:

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