First technical meeting of the Agrimax project in Parma, Italy (January 26th- 27th 2017)


The AgriMax project (BBI.VC3.D5-2015), where Exergy is leader of the WP2 “Set up of the flexible pilot plants for processing waste-derived biocompounds”, has developed its first technical meeting in Parma (Italy), hosted in the facilities of the consortium partner SSICA. During the meeting, the different activities developed so far were presented and the next actions were discussed, especially the ones related to the biomass and the requirements of both of the pilot plants in Spain and Italy for the treatment of the different crops (tomato, cereal, olive and potato). Two parallel sessions were carried out to show, discuss, agree and define the different cascade processes developed in each pilot plant, taking into account the specifications of the pilot plants’ hosts, Indulleida (for the pilot plant in Spain) and Chiesa (for the pilot plant in Italy).
During this two-day meeting, two technical visits were performed. The first day, the consortium partners had the chance to walk around the facilities of SSICA (research centre) and acquire a compressive understanding about the processes developed in their pilot plant and the different research activities in matter of meat, fruit and vegetables. The second day, a technical visit to the CHIESA pilot plant (host of the tomato and cereal cascade processes) was performed. The consortium partners were able to see and get an explanation about the current facilities that CHIESA holds as well as to check the layout for the future commissioning of the different Agrimax modules. A walk around the farming activities and the anaerobic digestion infrastructure was also performed along with an explanation about how this biogas is valuable in these facilities.
“This first Technical meeting will help us to define the next steps in this impressive project. A collaborative project is always challenging but in Exergy we are sure about its successful possibilities. As an innovation project, we must be fast defining and selecting the processes and technologies to demonstrate. Therefore, we are in a crucial point that will affect the next stages and the communication channels between the partners involved must be kept fluidly.” – Says Jose Molto, Project Manager and WP Leader in the AgriMax project (set up of the pilot plants) from Exergy Ltd.
“Agrimax project is one of the most exciting and strategic challenges we are facing currently from Exergy. It is impressive the effort developed by the BBI JU to shift Europe towards a more sustainable and circular-based industry. The cooperation between the Agrimax partners has been perfect so far, the entire consortium (29 partners) is engaged to develop the different cascade processes to get different high-value compounds to be turned into different bio-materials, such as biopolymers or food additives, among others. Turning food waste that currently is being discarded or under-valorised into components with high added value it is the next stage to advance towards a bio-based economy. A lot of effort is yet required as well as an optimisation of the processes to make possible the implementation of real cost-efficient solutions. We are confident we are moving forward in the right way.” – Says Rocio Roldan, chemical engineer at Exergy LtdTechnical meeting
Technical Meeting 1

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