Happy International Women’s Day


This year, the International Women’s Day Campaign theme is #Balanceforbetter.

Based on the recent NES Global Talent’s survey on February 2019, the Renewables sector is attracting young women. The study shows that the 63% of surveyed are less than five years in their careers and the 31% are engineers. Only the 28% are new entrants in the Oil and Gas sector. The environmental conscience of many companies are attracting young people and they are also connecting with gender equality.

At Exergy, we strongly believe in building a gender-balanced world and we have to thank and recognise the women we work with, our inspiring colleagues that make this possible. Engineers, architects, accountants, designers, marketers. Women with PhDs and master’s degrees. Brave women who go beyond everyone can expect. These women from different cultures and backgrounds nurture the company with their passion and love for what they do. We appreciate the work you do and with out you, we couldn’t be.

Big thanks to Ana Gómez, Erika Parn, Daniela Cadena, Federica Fuligni, Gozde Unkaya, Elham Esfehani, Yaying Chen, Maria Cruz, Monica Osorio, Nina Turull, Ruby Mughal and Ruta Jarmoskaite.

Thank you always for being part of this family.

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