HORIZON published an article about one of our disruptive initiatives in the Circular Economy


Felipe Maya, on behalf of Exergy, was interviewed by Horizon, The EU Research and Innovation Magazine. He shared our views regarding the circular economy and how ECOBULK, one of our most disruptive initiatives, is contributing to achieving circular strategies, models and applications.


Exergy coordinate ECOBULK and also participate in the development of a stakeholder platform and the design and construction of modular construction applications.


“When some people think of the circular economy they tend to think about recycling materials, but it is actually much more than that. It is thinking of ways to maintain the value of the product before recycling or recovering a material”, said Felipe.


Read the full article at https://horizon-magazine.eu/article/zero-waste-society-people-will-need-share-and-repair.html


Learn more about ECOBULK: https://www.ecobulk.eu/


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