Exergy leads process modelling, optimisation, and scale-up for ValueMag Project


Exergy Ltd was delighted to attend the kick-off meeting of a new BBI (R09 2016) project in the Sustainable Process department.
The VALUEMAG project, supported by the Bio-based Industries (BBI) Joint-Undertaking (JU), officially started with its kick-off meeting held in Athens on April 26th.
VALUEMAG, acronym of Valuable Products from Algae Using New Magnetic Cultivation and Extraction Techniques, involving eleven main players from the European industry and research centres in the field of technologies for algae. It aims to develop ground-breaking solutions for microalgae production and harvesting as well as scaling up biomass transformation systems in order to provide new technologies for aquatic/marine biomass integrated bio-refineries.
Exergy Ltd is leading the modelling and optimisation of the downstream processing in order to obtain high-value products from algae. Exergy is also leading the modelling, simulation, optimisation and up-scaling of the entire process along with the energy optimisation, where the exergy analysis developed from Galileo’s eye project in Exergy Ltd will be applied, among others.
During the KOM, all the partners in the consortium introduced themselves, met the project officer and were made aware of the different WPs involved in the project. These were introduced and explained before a discussion about the management of the research action. Finally, a visit across the labs of NTUA guided by Professor Hristoforou (project coordinator) took place before officially closing the meeting.
“The algae potential has been explored for decades due to its diverse application for a wide range of products: biofuels, hydrogen, nutraceutical, food, cosmetics, pigments, animal food, etc. Several species of green algae have and are being explored and continuously optimised. However, several hurdles need to be overcome to boost algae at commercial scale as a viable solution: identification and optimisation of the proper strains, optimisation and maximisation of the process productivity and reduction of energy intensity and costs related to the overall process. ValueMag project overcomes part of these limitations due to the high costs and will aim to demonstrate the production of different products, including  β-carotene, from microalgae in marine conditions by using innovative cultivation methods. We are proud to take part in this innovative and pioneering action and collaborate in the modelling and up-scaling of such an interesting system. It will be an outstanding and winsome challenge.” – Says Rocio Roldan, chemical engineer at Exergy Ltd and project manager of Exergy’s ValueMag activities.

ValueMag KOM 1

Picture: Rocio Roldan presenting Exergy’s approach

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