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Sustainable Places 2018

Sustainable Places annual international conference took place in Aix-Les-Bains, France, between June 27th and June 29th. The conference has brought together approximately 150 attendees coming from

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    @ExergyLtd is with CloseWEEE H2020 Project ECOBULK EU and @EU_EASME at the ecomondo event until 1pm today, demonstrating the innovative projects and processes. Also with, #HISER, @ORAMA_EU projects! Come and say hello at the easme stand near the south entrance! #circulareconomy ♻️🗑️

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    The China mission has come to an end and the outcome is really positive! Not only are our bonds getting stronger, but we are now exploring collaborations with Nanjing Tech University in the development of ideas towards lignocellulose biorefinery for the greater exploitation of valuable waste. Thank you, all our collaborators, in Europe and China. We learnt a lot from your initiatives in the circular economy. Special thanks to the AgroCycle EU consortium and Professor Min Jiang, Dr Xiaoyu Yong, Dr Xiayuan Wu and Dr Jun Zhou from #waste #sustainability #biotechnology with Rocío Roldán Aguayo and José Luis Molto Marin

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    Over 200 participants attended the presentation given by Dr yaying chen, Process Engineer at Exergy on “Valorisation of Biowaste to Bio-Fuels and other Valuable Bio-Products” at the bio-economy event in China. Isn’t it wonderful that the world comes together to speak up about the value of waste? Keep connected and watch soon Dr Chen's interview with the event organisers AgroCycle EU and @NoAW2020project #sustainability #waste #innovation

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    From China with Love! We are with the AgroCycle EU team, building bridges towards an innovative and sustainable future. Together with Nanjing Tech University, we are developing a microbial fuel cell technology to produce #bioelectricity efficiently. Keep connected to learn more #sustainability #fuelcells #innovation with Rocío Roldán Aguayo, José Luis Molto Marin, yaying chen