Preliminary Plant Designs for Agrimax – Recycling of Agri-food waste


2nd General Assembly of AgriMax project held in Delft on March 2nd
The partners of the AgriMax project attended the 2nd General Assembly, which took place at the facilities of Bio-process Pilot Facility (BPF), one of the consortium partners involved in the design and engineering of the pilot plants in the project. During the meeting, the results obtained so far were presented and discussed. With the project still in its early stages, the work has been focused on the mapping and characterisation of the food waste to be used as feedstock (tomato, potato, olive and cereal) as well as the specification of the pilot plants, including discussions about the processes being developed for both pilot plants in Italy and Spain.
During the meeting, a series of discussions took place to identify the next steps in the project, define the requirements for the pilot plants and enable work on the respective designs to progress. Finally, a guided tour around the facilities of BPF (based in the DSM industrial estate) was carried out. During this interesting tour, partners were able to understand more about the work developed in BPF facilities and appreciate the different equipment and operations which can be utilised: fermentation operations, thermal treatments (e.g. steam explosion), filtration, spray drying, etc.
The Exergy team is now prepared to start work on the preliminary designs for the pilot plants, starting with the simulation of the cascade processes and the integration of the information and specifications gathered by the different partners during the previous months. A technical visit to the pilot plant of Indulleida (Spain) is expected to take place in the future.
“The visit to BPF has been the perfect way to commence our engineering activities. The team at BPF already have years of experience developing bio-processes for global companies. We would take them as an example of how we make a success story of the AgriMax project.” – Says Jose Molto, Exergy Project Manager and technical coordinator for the pilot plant set-ups in the AgriMax project.

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