ProME3ThE2US2 18M Freiburg Meetings

The PROMETHEUS Project Mid Term meeting was held in Fraunhofer ISE campus in Freiburg, Germany on 28th and 29th January 2015. All members of the consortium have attended and were present at the two day meetings.
The project coordinator Dr Daniele M. Trucchi presented the objectives of the two day meeting starting with an internal meeting on the first day (January 28th) aimed at clarifying the project updates and preparing the review meeting for the successive day (January 29th) to be held before the project reviewer.
The first day of the meeting consisted of reviewing the project progress till M18. The day started with welcomes, apologies and notices closely followed by the review of the management and the financial progress. This consisted of the follow up to verify and report the ongoing activities in WP2 (dissemination), WP3 (simulation), WP4 (development of IV-based cathode), WP5 (development of III-V based cathode), WP6 (characterisation), WP7 (tailoring of surface properties) and WP8 (anode and inter-electrode space development). This was then followed by the summary and review of the project scope by the respective WP and task leaders. After these topics were discussed in great detail by each WP leader, the first day of the meeting was concluded. Any last minute issues were addressed and all the necessary preparations and arrangements were made by the consortium members, ready for the next day.
On the 29th January, the EC meeting was held at the same venue as of the first day at Fraunhofer ISE premises. The consortium was required to present the current stage of the project to the EC Project Officer and Project Reviewer. To commence this meeting, a brief introduction of the overall objectives of the project as well as the role of each partner was undertaken. This was followed by the Technical Review. In this section of the meeting, each Work Package Leader presented the current status of each task which included any changes, delays or any information on deliverables.
After a brief break, the meeting recommenced by analysing the management aspect of the project. The EC officeralso required the consortium to present the collaboration and interaction of the project as well as the administrative and financial aspects. The Description of Work (DoW) was then reviewed which showed the proposal for the remaining period in the project. This was the end of the meeting for the consortium and were awaiting the conclusions and feedback from the EC Officer and Project Reviewer.
The event concluded with the EC Officer and Project Reviewer providing their opinions and feedback on the progress of the project so far. Overall, the feedback for the current progress was mostly positive, with minor changes needed to be taken into consideration. The EC Officer and Project Reviewer were encouraged by the findings produced and seek the continuation of the project.
To read the full story, follow the link: ProME3ThE2US2 18M Freiburg Meetings

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