Biobased processes

Helping you to develop procceses that use waste as feedstock to produce other high-value products
Waste is a universal, valuable resource and an underestimated asset that can be used to produce high-value products and create further benefits for you.
Our ambition is to provide you with novel biobased processes that make the most of those resources.
We assess and integrate various cutting edge technologies, develop robust models to simulate how they will behave at industrial scale, and evaluate the feasibility of implementation.
Following this, we design pilot plants which are scaled up into fully developed industrial plants.In parallel, we design optimisation strategies that allow you to improve the efficiency of your current and/or new processes.

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biobased process works:


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Process Assessment

We estimate the relative capital and operational costs, evaluate projects by understanding their economic implications to produce comprehensive and accurate estimates to support your decisions with less risk.

Process Modelling

We predict the behaviour of chemical, physical and other technical processes and unit operations in a simulated environment, providing insights into how bioprocesses will behave, to maximise value.

Process design

We work with you to construct optimised engineered systems which deliver improved efficiency, cost saving and enhanced environmental performance. We employ circular principles to bespoke, integrated, retrofitted solutions and processes.

Process strategy

We work with you to generate and implement circular strategies and business models that deliver value and are both sustainable and commercially viable. We develop digital tools that support your circular strategies.


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Olive waste treatment


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