Building Physics
and Modelling

Through high standard accurate models you can maximise comfort
and minimise the use of energy and materials

The more you know about your building, the better placed you will be to manage it and make improvements. 

Whether you are planning a new build, looking to invest in a large-scale retrofit, or simply wanting to make some changes to how your building is controlled, Exergy have the experience and expertise to help you plan for the future.

Buildings are complex, with many different systems interacting and contributing to the user experience. With our specialised tools, assessment methodologies and modelling software, we can simplify the complexity and provide you with valuable technical insight to guide your planning.

What we can do for you
  • Dynamic Energy Modelling
  • Microclimate Analysis
  • Thermal Comfort and Overheating Assessments
  • CFD Analysis
  • Condensation Risk Assessments
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment
  • Post Occupancy Evaluations and Monitoring
  • Compliance with National Standards

Sector of application

Real Estate
Real Estate

Why we stand out

Using the latest tools and methods, our qualified engineers provide solutions that maximise lifetime performance of buildings. Starting from the planning stage, we work closely with design teams and assess a variety of innovative design solutions in order to minimise the use of energy and materials.

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Architecture and Sustainable Design

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