Circular Strategies

From assistance with strategic direction through to the identification
of practical opportunities, we help our clients move closer to a circular economy

As the global population grows, it is becoming increasingly important that we grow sustainably.

Perhaps more so than anywhere else, the sustainability of our buildings, infrastructure, and processes will have a huge influence on how we manage that growth, and the decisions we make today will have a lasting impact. The transition from a linear economic model towards a circular model entails decoupling the economic growth from the consumption of finite renewable resources.

Exergy provides support throughout the development cycle to unlock circular economy opportunities around the design, construction, operation, retrofitting, repurposing and final end-of-life strategy of buildings and infrastructure assets.

We strive to create additional value by working with our partners on integrating circular design strategies, capitalising the value of data and information, and fostering collaboration along the value and supply chains.

What we can do for you
  • Circularity assessments
  • Design thinking and Circular Design Strategies
  • Value Chain Mapping
  • Circular Business Models
  • Industrial symbiosis and waste valorisation
  • Monitoring and Performance Assessments
  • Dilapidation Surveys

Sector of application

Real Estate
Real Estate

Why we stand out

We are leading and participating in disruptive initiatives in the circular economy. The experience we bring from these projects directly helps our clients in achieving their own change. Our engineers work along with clients to plan for the long term, identify and capture circular value and incorporate sustainability choices that are easily missed by more short-sighted thinking. We will help you put your sustainability vision and circular economy strategy into practice.

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