Digital Engineering
and BIM

Improving the speed and efficiency of
construction processes through the use
of Building Information Modelling (BIM)

We are excited about the future of building construction. With the possibilities afforded by the digital revolution, including augmented reality and the use of virtual reality technology in the construction sphere, there are bright days ahead.

From our extensive research and development experience, we bring the latest in state-of-the-art digital engineering to your doorstep, making it accessible and applying the benefits to real-time construction.

The potential for improving quality is what drives us to excel. From detecting and preventing clashes at the design stage through to reducing the need for building maintenance post-construction, there are many areas where we can help.

At Exergy, we are at the forefront of BIM implementation. We support our clients with BIM Level 2 and are proactively moving towards BIM Level 3, using a variety of 3D BIM tools and supporting applications.

What we can do for you
  • BIM Implementation and COBie Support
  • Architectural and MEP BIM Content Creation
  • BIM Modelling and Data Migration
  • CAD Draughting Services
  • HQ Rendering and VR Walk-throughs and AR Tools
  • Clash Detection

Sector of application

Real Estate
Real Estate

Why we stand out

Exergy is developing innovative ideas regarding the implementation of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality within the BIM process. We also lead research into the post construction aspects of BIM, improving the efficiency of building maintenance and operational activities. Exergy is at the forefront of BIM implementation, saving time for our clients and improving quality at all stages of the process.

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