Building Information Modelling

At Exergy, we pride ourselves on improving the speed and efficiency of the construction processes through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM).  Interoperability is the way forward in achieving efficient construction through the whole life cycle of a design and construction project.
We support our clients with BIM Level 2 and are proactively moving towards BIM Level 3.  We specialise in creating 3D Models, providing building intelligence to all relevant disciplines. This enables far more efficient practices compared with working separately on 2D design drawings.

Exergy excels in the use of many 3D BIM tools and supporting applications

Why we stand out

Exergy is developing innovative ideas regarding the implementation of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality within the BIM process. We also lead research into the post construction aspects of BIM, with a view to improving the efficiency of building maintenance and operational activities. Exergy is at the forefront of BIM implementation, saving time for our clients and improving quality at all stages of the process (before, during and post construction).

This solution includes:

  • BIM Regulation and Standard Compliance Assistance
  • BIM Documentation
  • 3D Models and Walkthroughs

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BIM Specialist