Process Development

At Exergy, we are focussed on the design, development, integration, optimisation and scale-up of novel biochemical and chemical processes. These include the adaptation of current facilities based on fossil resources, development and deployment of new biorefineries and renewable technologies. Our commercial offer and current process development expertise includes but is not limited to the following feedstocks, processes, technologies and products:


Municipal solid waste (MSW), wastewater, agricultural waste, food waste, algae, gaseous effluents, pulp and paper and side streams.


Pre-treatments (e.g. hydrolysis), fermentation, algae cultivation and valorisation, thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis, gasification, incineration), anaerobic digestion, energy and mass optimisation, and downstream processing.


Alcohols and acids, building blocks, bioactive compounds, proteins, fertilisers, biopolymers (monomers), biofuels, chemicals.

Why we stand out

We are pioneers in designing and assessing novel engineering processes to produce added value components and products. Our team of process engineers provide solutions from the very early stages of a project concept, focussing on key indicators.


We have a broad background in the design and integration of sustainable processes within the industry, applying this in tailored ways to serve the needs of our clients.


Our membership and proactive involvement in different clusters, such as BBI and SPIRE, enables us to remain at the forefront of the sustainable processes industry.

This solution includes:

  • Process Design
  • Technology Integration
  • Preparation of Process Flow Sheets
  • Mass and Energy Balances

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Chemical Process Engineer