GCESD 2015

The Global Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development conference took place between 24th and 26th February 2015 in Coventry, UK. This event was organised by The World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd with the conference providing a platform for world-wide researchers and specialists and also those who are interested in learning about energy and sustainable development.
The conference covered several topics ranging from renewable energy resources and energy system analysis to Sustainability methodologies and Sustainable development for innovation.
Fernando Centeno of Exergy (EXE) was fortunate to be invited as a speaker to present the RESSEEPE project, outlining the background of the project as well as the current progress update. The main goal was to promote the RESSEEPE project to external stakeholders coming from different professional backgrounds and to create more interest among the specialists.
The presentation commenced with Fernando Centeno, Scientific Coordinator of the RESSEEPE project, giving a brief overview of the project followed by detailed information about the different Demo Sites across Europe. This was followed by an in depth look at the different innovative technologies being used within the project to retrofit the Demo Buildings. The presentation was concluded with a brief insight into the retrofitting analyser and planner.
A question and answer session followed, where the audience as well as fellow speakers displayed a great interest in the project, in particular the innovative technologies being used in the retrofit. An experienced and knowledgeable professor from Japan expressed great interest in the RESSEEPE project and the Aerogel materialProfessor Shukuya Masanori of Tokyo City University, specialises in Restoration Ecology and Built Environment and required further information on the insulating material.
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E & C Building Solar PV Installation

This research project is a collaboration with Coventry University Enterprise, Sustainable Building Futures (SBF) and Green Bridge Supply Chain Programme for SMEs. Installed at Coventry University, the components as well as its design and installation were managed by Exergy Ltd.

example of solar pv installation

The objective is to test the performance of the system with an electronic load that will simulate different energy variations. For example this could be a typical domestic house or an off grid application such as a caravan or mobile home.

From these tests we can see how the system is performing and make any alterations to its design or components to make it as user friendly and compatible Solar PV-Kits for the end user.

Exergy attends to RESSEEPE Project´s Annual Meeting in Barcelona

Exergy attended to RESSEEPE Project´s Annual Meeting on the 8th, 9th and 10th of July in Barcelona, Spain. Exergy is the Technical Coordinator in this project consists of 25 partners from different european countries.
The meeting was organised by CST. The first day was focused on Demo Sites and the Consortium Members visited the Spanish hospitals which are participating as demo sites, Terrassa Hospital and Parc Tauli Hospital Centre.
Each partner demonstrator presented their proposals for intervention on each of their buildings based on a number of criteria (budget, technology, building type, climate) and after that, exchanged their views about plans to address the works.
During the second day, the PTA (Project Technical Assistant), Carlos Bello, joined the meeting to follow up with the RESSEEPE Project so far. A review of each of the Work Packages was done, checking the status of each of the tasks (delays, changes, deliverables).
Following the presentations by Work Package leaders, Exergy organised different WP grouped meetings in order to face the next steps regarding the 18 month meeting. Also, demonstrators met different groups (thermal isolation strategiessolar, lighting and HVAC strategies, Design and Building Technologies) for advice, and to ask for information and new requirements.
Exergy remarked the importance of having a shortlist of technologies, simulations of different scenarios, decision making processes and work plans for the implementation and validation of work by end of July 2014.
+ RESSEEPE Annual Meeting Gallery

The first RESSEEPE Exploitation workshop

Exergy will participate at the first Exploitation Workshop of RESSEEPE, EU FP7 demo-targeted collaborative project. The project aims to develop and demonstrate innovative methodology and technological solutions for retrofitting public buildings resulting in substantial reductions of post-retrofit energy consumptions in the area of 50%. The first project exploitation workshop, held on January 17 in Derio, Spain, will provide information about the ongoing plans for installation of building performance monitoring systems at the three demo sites considered in the project. It will also offer an opportunity for interested partners and external stakeholders to define unique selling proposition of the project, discuss current and prospective project developments. At the event, Dr Vladimir Vukovic, Research and Business Director of Exergy and Technical project manager of RESSEEPE, will talk about the progress in reaching the project objectives.
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