GCESD 2015

The Global Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development conference took place between 24th and 26th February 2015 in Coventry, UK. This event was organised by The World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd with the conference providing a platform for world-wide researchers and specialists and also those who are interested in learning about energy and sustainable development.
The conference covered several topics ranging from renewable energy resources and energy system analysis to Sustainability methodologies and Sustainable development for innovation.
Fernando Centeno of Exergy (EXE) was fortunate to be invited as a speaker to present the RESSEEPE project, outlining the background of the project as well as the current progress update. The main goal was to promote the RESSEEPE project to external stakeholders coming from different professional backgrounds and to create more interest among the specialists.
The presentation commenced with Fernando Centeno, Scientific Coordinator of the RESSEEPE project, giving a brief overview of the project followed by detailed information about the different Demo Sites across Europe. This was followed by an in depth look at the different innovative technologies being used within the project to retrofit the Demo Buildings. The presentation was concluded with a brief insight into the retrofitting analyser and planner.
A question and answer session followed, where the audience as well as fellow speakers displayed a great interest in the project, in particular the innovative technologies being used in the retrofit. An experienced and knowledgeable professor from Japan expressed great interest in the RESSEEPE project and the Aerogel materialProfessor Shukuya Masanori of Tokyo City University, specialises in Restoration Ecology and Built Environment and required further information on the insulating material.
To read the full story, follow the link: GCESD 2015

BCIC 2015

The Bio-Composites in Construction international conference will be held on May 21st & 22nd 2015 at the Society of Chemical Industry in London. The conference will bring together both academics and industrialists from around the world to report and discuss the latest developments on topics incorporating the entire bio-composite value chain – from raw materials to finished products, from science to commercial realisation. The event is supported as part of the EU project, INNOBITE and is free for all participants.
Visit the site: www.bcic2015.com
BCIC welcomes potential interested speakers from both academia and industry to review the conference topics and submit an abstract for consideration (closing date for abstracts is Monday, March 9th 2015).
View the topics here
Registration for attendees will open at a later date but you can register your interest to receive notification of registration opening.

INNOBITE Project holds its 3rd workshop in September 2014

The Third Workshop will take place on the 18th of September 2014 in Tampere, Finland. The workshop topic will be “Advances in Wood Based Composites” and the following groups will participate as lecturers:  Tecnalia, VTT and Tecnaro.
INNOBITE project’s “Advances in Wood Based Composites” disseminates the potential of wood based thermoplastic biocomposites in the construction sector, focusing on existing and emerging materials, markets and exploitation possibilities.
Workshop Organizer: Heidi Peltola, VTT
Place & Date: VTT, Tekniikankatu 1, Tampere  /  18th September 2014
Contact: heidi.peltola@vtt.fi  / taina.toivonen@vtt.fi
Registration: www.lyyti.in/INNOBITE


Exergy lead Exploitation & Dissemination Activities for INNOBITE Project. This project started in September 2011 and it has a duration of 3 years. The project proposes new solutions to increase the efficiency of these two natural resources, transforming them into key additives for applications in the field of sustainable construction.

INNOBITE is a collaborative project co-funded by the European Community Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and it has received funding from the European Union, under Grant Agreement Nº: 308.465.
Useful links: www.innobite.eu

Exergy visited Solar Decathlon Europe 2012

Exergy visited Solar Decathlon Europe 2012. The Villa Solar in Madrid has received over 220,000 visits this year. The competition was won by  the team of Rhone Alpes, France with Canopea house, followed, at a very short distance, by Patio 2.12 (Andalusia, Spain). Med in Italy (Italy) won third prize.
Useful links: www.sdeurope.org