Think Exergy Not Energy Workshop


Why is it important?
Due to exergy, in the future, consumers could be informed about products and services in terms of their exergy destruction footprint, in the same was as carbon emissions. Leading to lower energy/resource consumption and reducing utility bills.
What is happening?
We will be presenting our project at 12:30-12:45.
There will be a Total Exergy Systems Sustainability Performance Assessment — Accurate Thermodynamic Science presented by Fernando Centeno , Exergy Ltd and Dave PW Solberg, Solberg Engineering, LLC.
Who is invited?
Energy experts, policy makers, stakeholders and the general public are all invited to this workshop in Brussels, where energy and natural resources are considered on the basis of exergy.
Thursday 16th June
9am to 2pm
Rue de la science 14, Brussels, Belgium

More Info:

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