World Sustainable Energy Days: European Energy Efficiency Conference


Our colleague Federica Fuligni represented the ongoing H2020 THERMOSS Project during Exergy’s presentation on the 28th of February 2019 at the World Sustainable Energy Days in Wels (Austria). She talked about the project concept and how to reach the 30% primary energy savings through heat pumps and ad-hoc control management strategies.

The Conference was organised by the projects CREATE, HYBUILD, SCORES, TESSE2B, THERMOSS, SUNHORIZON, all the presentations were related to the topic of thermal storage and innovative technologies for the building sector. In the case of THERMOSS, thermal storage is mainly dealt with through intelligent management control rather than with dedicated storage tanks or technologies. Any THERMOSS site, due to the different technologies deployed, have a different strategy to store and use energy more efficiently. From the Smart Thermostatic valves deployment and control strategy in Hale Court (UK) to the intelligent control of the multiple energy sources in Urberoa (SP), with a multi-objective optimization, the ad-hoc solutions are able to reach savings up to 50% energy consumption compared to the inital status.

The project coordinator for SUNHORIZON project also attended. Exergy is involved in SUNHORIZON where we have an engineering role and are responsible of gathering information from the demo sites.

SUNHORIZON and THERMOSS are very similar projects in their scope because they revolve around heat pumps deployment in buildings. In the case of THERMOSS, we are also approaching district heating connected buildings and considering gas based technologies like mCHP, while SUNHORIZON deals with tertiary buildings and proposes the integration of heat pumps with solar energy sources.

Federica Fuligni is Project Manager of Energy Efficient Buildings Projects, Exergy, United Kingdom

Previously, researcher on urban scale sustainable technologies and methodologies in Santiago, Chile

Master’s degree in Architecture, Università di Bologna, Italy; ongoing Master studies in Building Services Engineering with Sustainable Energy, Brunel University London, UK

Speaker of the Innovation Workshops Energy and Buildings

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