Engineering innovation for
The Circular Economy
Cutting edge solutions that minimise the negative
impacts to the environment whilst adding commercial value
Exergy is developing Stacker, a digital tool that is
Bringing BIM into reality

Engineering innovation for

The Circular Economy

Cutting-edge solutions that minimise the negative impacts to the environment whilst adding commercial value


High Performance Mixed-Use Building

Invest in one of the most vibrant and growing cities of Latin America
Annual Return Rate of 8% and Low Risk

Medellín, Colombia

High Performance Mixed-Use Building

Invest in one of the most vibrant and growing cities of Latin America
Annual Return Rate of 8% and Low Risk

Our focus

Helping you to achieve the transition to a circular economy for...

Processes & Industries

Waste is a universal, valuable resource and an underestimated asset that can be used to produce high-value products and create further benefits for you.

Our ambition is to provide you with novel biobased processes that make the most of those resources.  We assess and integrate various cutting edge technologies, develop robust models to simulate how they will behave at industrial scale, and evaluate the feasibility of implementation . Then, we design pilot plants and scale them up into fully developed industrial plants.

In parallel, we design optimisation strategies that allow you to improve the efficiency of your current and/or new processes.

Buildings & Cities

Buildings are more than infrastructure and materials. Our happiness and well-being depend on the quality of indoor environments more than ever.

To make buildings smarter, efficient and circular, we carefully consider every small detail and assess a variety of innovative and ground-breaking solutions.

Our desire for high-level of innovation enables us to deliver solutions with superior efficiency and maximum lifetime.


Contribute to the development of a greener future and maximise the sustainable growth and the value of your organisation, whilst achieving greater innovation.

Using our extensive experience in R&D and sustainability, we deliver top level guidance to support organisational sustainability strategies and transform innovative business opportunities into the reality.

Our services provide you with long-lasting value

Join the Circular Economy Movement

Circular Strategies

The world population is increasing and resources are becoming more scarce and expensive. By implementing circular strategies we can increase the long lasting value of your buildings and processes and give waste the value it deserves.

Improve the efficiency of your assets and minimise waste

Exergy & Resource Efficiency

Exergy assessments can reveal significant savings in terms of energy, water and cost. We achieve it by assessing not only the quantity but also the quality of energy used by your assets.

Transform business ideas into reality

Innovation Management

Have you thought about how your ideas and novel technologies could become a reality? We have led and participated in a large number of disruptive and successful R&D projects. Innovation is part of our core business and now we strive to make it yours.

The next generation of bioprocesses

Process Development

We can provide you with the optimal engineering process to use waste as feedstock to produce high value products.

How can waste help create new products in reality?

Process Modelling

A simulated environment provides insight into how a bioprocess will behave at a commercial scale so that your decisions are more assertive.

Bring your novel bioprocess up to the next scale

Scale-up and Plant Design

We ensure a competitive tendering for equipment, pipework, instrumentation, electrical and civil vendors and contractors.

Should you pursue the development of your bioprocess?

Techno-Economic Assessment

Determine the feasibility of implementing new bioprocesses. We build robust techno-economic models to generate accurate and reliable forecasts and estimates to support your decisions.

Bring your organisation to the Green Era

Carbon Strategy

Do your bit for the environment and make your sustainability strategy a priority

Building Information Models (BIM), Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Digital Engineering and BIM

Reduce building maintenance and operational costs. By being at the forefront of BIM, we are saving time for our clients and improving quality at all stages of the process (before, during and after construction)

Reduce your dependency on fossil fuels

Renewable Energy Systems

We deliver renewable energy solutions based on truly cutting edge and creative engineering systems

Optimise your building designs and reveal maximum savings

Building Physics and Modelling

By developing high standard accurate models for existing and new buildings, we can maximise comfort and minimise the use of energy and materials

Retrofit plans that maximise long term value

Energy Efficiency Retrofitting

With energy prices rising, it makes more sense than ever to implement energy efficiency retrofitting across all types of buildings

Why the Circular Economy

For decades, we have been using our resource inefficiently

But we can preserve our resource and save our planet

Circular Economy Model

Why the Circular Economy

For decades, we have been using our resource inefficiently

Linear Economy Model

…resources from nature that are finite,

…a massive amount of products and materials in little to no time at competitive prices.

…them when they are no longer needed or wanted.

The Linear Economy is ALTERING OUR ECOSYSTEMS, contributing to Global Warming and Climate Change. If we continue like this, we would need TWO PLANETS BY 2050

But we can preserve our resource and save our planet

Circular Economy Model

…products and services to last.

…are then part of an economy cycle where…

…because products and materials become a valuable intermediate resource. Processes are continuously renewed in a ‘Closed-Loop’ system.

In the CIRCULAR ECONOMY there is no waste.

We are making a transition to a system that benefits everyone and is SUSTAINABLE.


The Circular Economy could led you to...

Up to 70% in Energy Savings
tonnes of wasted material recovered

We have participated in more than 40 Circular Economy projects and discovered these new opportunities for a better future.

We collaborate with recognised organisations around the world to develop, implement and test circular economy strategies focused mainly to attend the needs of the built environment and biobased industries in three areas:

Research & Innovation

Partnering with you to help you innovate your processes and create IP that has commercial value



Providing you with Circular Economy strategies, engineering solutions and technologies that are best suited to your needs.

Engineering copy


Working with cutting edge technologies to develop digital systems that support the Circular Economy transition.

Join the Circular Economy

We facilitate the transition so you can benefit and prosper, sustainably.

Because you need

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