Exergy announce the beginning of the ECWin Project for Multilayer Electronic Coatings for Affordable Smart Windows


On October 25th 2016, ExergyLtd participated in the first meeting regarding the ECWin project in order to discuss multi-layered electronic coatings for affordable smart windows. The meeting was held at Cranfield University with both the University and Thin Metal Films LTD attending.
The EC smart coating window project will demonstrate the technical feasibility of producing multilayer electrochromic (EC) coatings and its integration with photovoltaic (PV) modules for the development of affordable smart windows having potential applications in energy efficient buildings and aircraft. The PV-powered ECWIN technology will address the challenges of large-area novel energy efficient coating manufacturing by reducing cooling and heating to meet the target of a 25% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the building market. The synergy of inorganic EC materials, solid electrolyte and cost-effective and high yield process developments will have an impact on building efficiency rating by the following:
(a) Equivalent of U-value reduction of about 0.35W/ (m2.K),
(b) Improved durability with faster switching time <15s/m2,
(c) Low power consumption: 80mWh/cycle/m2,
(d) Longer life time >10 years,
(e) Energy savings up to 40% and
(f) Lower manufacturing cost < £100/m2.

ECWIN will bring smart coating technology for windows closer to the user by developing a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution that make EC coatings attractive and competitive for UK building industries.

‘’ECWIN project aims to stimulate innovation in areas of the UK’s surface engineering and coating industry (SEAC). The main innovation is related to the application of affordable electrochromic coatings with optical functionality and moreover to achieve sustainability, new applications for existing technology and surface engineering for improved performance for both residential and commercial building applications in UK. The consortium has varied experienced researchers and scientists in the relative field with a good balance of Universities and SMEs in UK focusing on the production of true affordable smart windows that would be a new application in the UK SEAC sector opening wide applications and job opportunities in the sector.’’ – Says Sreenivaasa Pamidi – Research Engineer/Solar Systems Engineer

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