Exergy responsible for the energy usage study in Nawades Project

On 19 October the kick-off meeting for the Nawades project took place atfacilities, who are the NAWADES project coordinators.
The meeting was centered on the organization and flow of the work to be carried out during the project life, as well as on technical aspects of the project management. The partners had the opportunity to introduce their organizations and objectives within the framework of this collaborative project, co-financed as part of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program.
The main objective of the NAWADES project is to study, design, produce, and test new water desalination filter technology. The new filter technology will provide long-life and non-fouling filters to be used in Sustainable Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination processes with: pure and chemical free salt; harvesting; low energy consumption due to lower pressure loss, and low maintenance due to the automated anti-fouling and anti-scaling effects that will result in lower overall costs. The filter does not need to be cleaned with aggressive and environmentally harmful chemical agents.
Exergy will be responsible for the energy usage study in this Project, leading the comparison between the new technology and conventional desalination systems.
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